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Where Will Carrie Be Next?

Told that writers tend to drink heavily, Carrie gets an early start.

For the most current information, please check my online journal.


Planned appearances in 2020:

All my in-person events for 2020 have been cancelled, due to covid. This is okay, it's more important to keep people safe.

Many events have moved online, and the silver lining I'm hoping for is that some folks who've never been able to attend conventions for whatever reason might be able to get a taste of the convention experience in this format. I'm determined to make the best of things.

Please check back for updated info, and check online because I've been doing some video readings and interviews and such to try to make up for not actually getting to see people in person. My blog (see link above) probably has the most recent info.

October 16-18, 2020: I'm a returning Guest of Honor at Capclave in Rockville, MD. Capclave is moving online -- please check their site for some great membership deals for both the virtual convention, and for next year's con.

October 23-25, 2020: MileHi Con in Denver has also gone virtual, and I'll be there, in my little Zoom box.

Get signed copies:

Who Else! Books at the Broadway Book Mall may still have some signed books available. They'll also take orders. Phone: 303-744-BOOK (2665).

The Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe also has my books for sale, many of them signed.

Appearance in Print:

Click here to order the Urban Fantasy issue of Locus which includes an essay by Carrie.


Appearances online:

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